Monday, August 12, 2019

Photos from the LA Orange Line - compare to the Miami-Dade Transitway bus service

I have selected photos are representative of the LA Transit Orange Line, recognized as a very successful BRT. 

Please find the differences between our MDC  bus/transitway and the LA 'Gold Standard' BRT. 

There are no functional differences other than the buses are kept cleaner, receive scheduled updates and the line is assigned the promised number of buses.  

MDC could easily install kiosks for issuing metro fare cards. No mega stations are required in LA.

The question is why MDC is working to spend more than a quarter of a billion dollars to put perfume on the existing service, is it merely to delay rail? 
 Above - How does this station differ from Miami-Dade County's "Transitway"?
 Above left - note the passengers 'stepping up' into the bus. 
LA's Gold Standard BRT does not require "level boarding" to be successful

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