Thursday, August 1, 2019

POD - a lucky find - a baby Racer on my doorstep

I found my own juvenile Racer on my doorstep. I initially thought this was a baby Corn Snake, but experts have properly identified this for me as a baby racer.
Thank you Deering Naturalist Rangel Diaz who brought me good luck when he allowed me to post his photo of a cooperative Everglades Racer earlier this week. See July 29, 2019, Photo of the Day - Everglades Racer photographed at Deering Estate on Friday, 7/26/2019

Take a moment and look at a prior blog post: The wildlife is in the backyard (CLICK HERE) to view the photos of some of the local natives I have located in my Palmetto Bay yard. Posted below is a photo on adult Racer I found in my Palmetto Bay back yard in 2012:
Please don't harm these good guys. CLICK HERE to view an online article - Don’t be in a Hurry to Shoo Away a Racer, by Dr. Joan Bradshaw, University of Florida/IFAS Extension Service. I share the goal of Dr. Bradshaw and agree, "Attracting wildlife to home landscapes has gained a lot of momentum over the past few years with most of the attention focusing on enticing birds, butterflies, and beneficial insects. An equally compelling case could also be made for encouraging snakes into the garden."  

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