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TAX ALERT - Property Appraiser Pedro J. Garcia issues July 1, 2019, 2019 Taxable Values by Taxing Authority. What this means for Palmetto Bay and surrounding communities.

The July 1st tax roll was released today, Monday, July 1. The numbers represent a slight change for local taxing authorities such as Palmetto Bay.

For more information and a comparison of the June 1, Estimate, see my prior related post of Sunday, June 2, 2019, Property Taxes will increase in the next budget year. The question is how much. Property Appraiser Pedro J. Garcia issues June 1, 2019, Estimates of Taxable Value.

The numbers listed in the July 1st roll (photo left) and as listed below demonstrate why it was smart to lower taxes in Palmetto Bay in 2016 and again in 2018: future taxes will be going up and not everyone is able to simply reach deeper into their pockets and pay an increased bill. 

CURRENT TAX INCREASES under the Current Mayor and Council (initiated 2019).

The current mayor and council have acted to increase taxes since the latest terms of office began December 5, 2018.  This current Mayor and Council have moved to increase Park User Fees as well as voted to institute Palmetto Bay's first ever franchise fee to replace the one that we voted on in 1992 under Miami-Dade County. The voters of Unincorporated Miami-Dade County (this was years prior to Palmetto Bay) approved a 30 year limited agreement, with an expiration. The rules and rights differ for the Current Palmetto Bay Mayor and Council as there was no such referendum put to Palmetto Bay voters.  Here in Palmetto Bay, this Franchise Fee, this 30 year tax collected through your electric bill, was initiated and passed by Ordinance without voter approval.

For complete information, see my PRIOR RELATED POST of Thursday, April 25, 2019, Palmetto Bay - Transparency - on sale to those who can afford it: which noted, among other issues, Tax, Tax, Tax. This current Village Council has recently conspired to raise park user fees and now the Village Council is churning its way to enacting a 30 year tax on our electric bills - just in time to take over for the expiration of the 30 year County agreement (can we never let a tax expire??).

Budget time is ongoing in the Village of Palmetto Bay and the bill will be coming soon for so many of those campaign promises of government entitlement. So make sure you are not left out of the promised gravy. The new taxes, and increased taxes that come on line for the 2019/2020 fiscal year will certainly amount to much more than a dinner out for many people, hitting those on a fixed income the hardest.

Here are the revised numbers from the July 1, 2019 update:


I have posted the final July numbers, followed by the June 1 preliminary tax roll numbers for Palmetto Bay as well as some of our comparable municipalities. Palmetto Bay Council members may feel free to review my numbers and provide their own assessments or advisement.


Released July 1, 2019

(CLICK HERE) to view the full document, available on the M-D Property Appraiser web page.

July          June
FINAL     ESTIMATE   Taxing Authority 
5.7%         5.0%                 Coral Gables
5.3%         5.6%                 Cutler Bay
10.0%      9.0%                 Homestead
4.7%        4.6%                 Miami Lakes
4.5%        4.4%                 Pinecrest
4.2%        4.2%                 Palmetto Bay
3.6%        3.9%                 South Miami
7.3%        6.4%                 Unincorporated Miami-Dade (UMSA)

6.4%        5.9%                 Countywide (will affect your countywide portion of your tax bill)
5.4%        4.8%                 School Board (will affect your School Board portion of your tax bill)

Here are the facts for the upcoming property taxes:

1. Your tax bill will go up (at least) 3%, the maximum allowable under the Save Our Homes Amendment (SOH) protection, unless the applicable property tax mileage rates are reduced in order to adjust for the increase in revenue. This is due to the fact that each and every taxing district, each municipality as well as unincorporated Miami-Dade County saw an increase in value above 3.0.

2. All property tax payers will see an increase in their property tax bills in 2019/2020 as approved by the voters in November 2018: #362. This tax is known in part as “Secure Our Future” – and will be collected from your property tax bills for the next 4 years. This is a new tax and is not covered by the Save Our Homes protection. Property owners will soon see a tax increase of $75 for every $100,000 in assessed taxable value, regardless of residential or commercial. About $232 million stands to be collected in Miami-Dade County, by July 2019 for the referendum’s first year.

This means that a home with an assessed taxable value of $400,000 will pay an additional $300.00 in property taxes for the upcoming property tax year. You can review your tax bill to locate your own assessed taxable value.

More information will follow as it becomes available.

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