Monday, July 29, 2019

Photo of the Day - Everglades Racer photographed at Deering Estate on Friday, 7/26/2019

What a great photo. "Peek a boo" - Naturalist Rangel Diaz was able to capture this moment with (as he describes) "... a cooperative Everglades Racer at the park ...."
Photo credit: Rangel Diaz
This is a beautiful native snake, non-venomous, and should not be disturbed, certainly not harmed when found in or near your homes. See online resources: Florida Snake Identification Key, Eastern Racer, Black Racer, Black Snake, Brownchin Racer, Everglades Racer, Racer, Southern Black Racer

Palmetto Bay remains home to may native species that we can enjoy through our outdoor activities. Here is a past post to some of the critters I have personally documented in my own Palmetto Bay backyard: (CLICK HERE).

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