Sunday, February 10, 2019

Report: The FPL Power Pole delivery trucks started rolling into the neighborhood at 8:20 on a quiet Sunday morning.

Those local mega power poles just keep coming into a Palmetto Bay neighborhood. Work started at 8:20 AM, Sunday, February 10, 2019, with the reports of the trucks rolling the neighborhood on a previously tranquil Sunday morning. I have been asked as to whether this part of a scheduled maintenance and upgrade program or hurricane hardening.  I cannot answer that, but your present local officials should be keeping you up to date.

Have any of the affected neighbors received official notification as to the work, scope and time frame of this work?

Is this an example of the current application of the Palmetto Bay "Neighborhood Protection Ordinance"?
Prior related post: January 11, 2019, Removal of Palmetto Bay Street Sign - required to get a large utility pole through a tight turn in a Palmetto Bay neighborhood. Updated 1/16/19- PBay Public Services required to revise the re-installation of the street sign.

The January 11 blog post demonstrates some of the prior work that has been occurring in the neighborhood West of Old Cutler Road, bordered by SW 144 to the north and 152nd to the South.

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