Friday, February 1, 2019

MDFR Station 62 continues to take shape. Projected to open in June. Possible grand opening April 8. Photo update.

Photo update regarding ongoing construction of MDFR Station 62 - photos taken Jan. 27, 2019.

I continue to get inquiries as to the status of this station. As Many can view from traveling along Old Cutler Road, Station 62 continues to take shape.  The value to the life-safety of this area is immeasurable.  The Palmetto Bay and Pinecrest Communities are made safer through this enhanced life-safety service in the area. 

The composite photo (to the right) demonstrates how the action construction (top - right) is tracking, faithful to original renderings (bottom of composite - right). 

A source advised me that Station 62 structure is scheduled to be complete in May. Outfitting/furniture comes next. The permanent station is on schedule to be operational in June.

Thank you MDFR! I am looking forward to the completion of Station 62 in Palmetto Bay, a grass roots started in our earliest years of incorporation, which was grass roots and official efforts. It involved an original village safety committee, a couple of mayors & Village Councils and several County Commissioners.  Thank you Commissioner Katy Sorenson for the original support and Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava for support for MDFR to bring it to close. 

The Fire Station was not immune to court contest. The original approval was made after a zoning hearing held in October, 2014, resulting in resolution 2014-075 (links below).  

A lawsuit was filed in circuit court on November 24, 2014, to contest this 3-2 decision (CLICK HERE to view the entire 17 page complaint), filed under Case No.: 2014-029993-CA-01, Gary Pastorella v Village of Palmetto Bay, OCPC & Miami-Dade County. The case was filed on November 24, 2014, and languished with no substantive activity for nearly two years (11/24/14 - 11/14/16), before it was ultimately DISMISSED for lack of prosecution by order rendered November 14, 2016 (CLICK HERE). The official court docket posted online does NOT list a settlement agreement. I never saw any formal agreement, but was told that Miami-Dade County agreed to run a waterline to their property line with the Pastorellas (which is interesting as the Defendants were holding some information back, as discussed below).  

Thank you Miami-Dade County officials who actually determined that the ENTIRE street should have benefit of this water line. Miami-Dade officials made the right choice to bringing much needed County infrastructure to everyone on this street.  The timing, opportunity, was there. It makes little sense to bring water to a County property, using county taxpayer dollars, and not bring the line to an area long in need. 

The Ground Breaking for the Fire Station was held February 5, 2018.  The original estimate for completion remains at 400 days from start of construction.  There have been rain days (built in to the schedule).  The project currently remains on schedule, so we are beginning to see the date when there will be a ribbon cutting / grand opening soon in 2019. I am told by Commissioner Cava that April 8th is the tentative date.

Please look carefully at the front of the station. Did you notice the second bay bay door (2 big read garage style doors)? One bay is for Engine 62. Once completed, Palmetto Bay can look forward to the eventual increase of life safety service. The station is built in anticipation of a future Rescue 62, which should not be too far distant future to complement the service of Engine 62.
There are two main zoning developmental orders that involve Station 62 (click the links provided below for both resolutions 2014-075 and 2015-086 to view the complete resolutions):

Reso 2014-075 -                This was the hearing where the Village council, serving 2010-2014, APPROVED the location on the present location: the southeast corner of Old Cutler Road and SW 142nd Terrace. The site plan was approved. The zoning development order was narrowly approved by a slim 3-2 margin. (Vote was 3-2 with Current council members - Vice Mayor John DuBois and Council Member Patrick Fiore voting in favor along with then Council Member Tim Schaffer. The 2 NO votes were cast by then Council Member Joan Lindsay and Mayor Shelley Stanczyk.)   

Reso 2015-086 -               This updated development order impacted the following: Requiring compliance with recent Public Works Department conditions (a letter dated 9/24/2015 is attached to the resolution) and 2. Fire Station staff will not use the ringing of bells or other alarms in the exterior for notification of emergencies.
(Vote was 4-0 to approve, after public hearing, with then council member Cunningham absent for the hearing and vote)
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Also see prior post of July 27, 2018, Photo update - progress of construction of permanent Station 62 located off Old Cutler Road and 142nd Street – a photo update of the status of the construction of Station 62 as of Thursday, July 26, 2018.


  1. Do you have any idea why then Council Member Joan Lindsay and Mayor Shelley Stanczyk voted NO on Resolution 2014-075?

    1. I cannot find the minutes for the October 20, 2014, Zoning meeting. I will keep looking. Here is a link where you can watch the actual proceedings: