Thursday, February 7, 2019

POD Pelican seen for first time at C100 - Thurs. Feb. 7, 2019

A FOSDU sent me this photo of a pelican seen at the C100 canal here in Palmetto Bay (near Coral Reef Park). Are the Pelicans common to the area? I have seen a few along the Palmetto Bay coast, at Deering and Deering (Snowden's) Point.
Photo credit - a FOSDU who prefers to remain anonymous 
I am not sure what the Pelican is up to other than it appears to be reflecting. Is it checking out a new area for the dining possibilities, lost, dazed, or a frequent visitor who I simply had not seen before?

Thank you for the photo. More wildlife making itself home here in Palmetto Bay.

Eugene Flinn

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