Tuesday, December 4, 2018

A recommendation for Elevated Rail for NW 27th Avenue, rejecting the same 'world class BRT' attempted to be foisted on the South? Say it ain't so!

Read it for yourself! A professional consultant, WSP USA, " ...rejected the option of a modernized, rapid-transit bus route for 27th Avenue as too disruptive to existing traffic."

That's right the option of a modernized, rapid-transit bus route for 27th Avenue as too disruptive to existing traffic - obviously no consultant has ever considered how disruptive the transitway (a nicer name for the US1 busway) has been and will continue to be "disruptive" for traffic trying to cross US1.

So here it is. A recommendation for elevated rail for NW 27th Avenue, but crumbs for South Dade.  Evidence that they will take our money in order to shift that funding for real transit anywhere but for us. This is why I opposed any compromises and refuse to accept BRT - South Miami-Dade County was sacrificed to make room for the north line. This is why we cannot and should not settle for "BRT".

In my own opinion, this is an example of a double standard being applied between the North and South Corridors.  This is quite unacceptable. The incoming Palmetto Bay Mayor and Council need to step up, no compromise, and pick up on the fight for South Miami-Dade County.

What makes us different? as pointed out in the article, “The mayor agrees with the recommendation for an elevated track for the north corridor,” Gimenez communications chief Myriam Marquez said. “He wants it done in phases so that it’s financially feasible.”

Months after deciding Metrorail was too pricey for South Miami-Dade, county leaders are on board with an even costlier expansion of the rail system to the north.
A state consultant recommends Miami-Dade build a $1.8 billion extension of Metrorail’s existing elevated tracks along Northwest 27th Avenue. The consultant, WSP USA, rejected the option of a modernized, rapid-transit bus route for 27th Avenue as too disruptive to existing traffic.
That’s the same kind of system that Mayor Carlos Gimenez won approval for in South Dade in August. His administration had had recommended a similar system last year for the north as well. A county transportation board will take up the proposal Thursday, clearing the way for Miami-Dade to apply for transit dollars from Washington for the project.
This summer Gimenez campaigned publicly and privately to block board approval of a $1.3 billion Metrorail option in the south, including a last-minute bid by transit advocates to start with a smaller segment of the 20-mile extension being considered. Months later, the Gimenez administration has dropped its rapid-transit bus recommendation for the north in favor of the phased construction of an elevated rail system a consultant says will cost about $1.8 billion. ...
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Please review prior efforts as contained in prior posts, starting with a post of October 5, 2018, Team work continues on transit solutions

As I stated in that post, I believe that the TPO vote was a delay, not denial of our efforts to obtain rail. Many will recall the long fight for Palmetto Bay's incorporation - the delays and many adverse votes, including a moratorium lasting many years. 

Now it will be up to the incoming Mayor and Council to continue the fight under these newly revealed circumstances. We shall see how much fight there is in this council.

Our fellow South Dade taxpayers have been paying many years in advance for rail, through the half-cent sales tax. Residents clearly voted for rail when they supported the half-penny tax, and rail is what Miami-Dade County should be delivering to South Dade.

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