Friday, October 5, 2018

Team work continues on transit solutions. Please read the update in the current Palmetto Bay News

Please read the update in the current Palmetto Bay News, Most local officials disappointed that county chose buses over rail, by: Gary Alan Ruse

As I stated in the article, The TPO vote was a delay, not denial of our efforts to obtain rail. Many will recall the long fight for Palmetto Bay's incorporation - the delays and many adverse votes, including a moratorium lasting many years. This latest TPO vote was geared toward applying for a Federal Grant that was limited to BRT. I believe they tried to tailor their request to a grant for which they are applying. It is uncertain as to whether this grant will be received. In the meantime, Palmetto Bay and Cutler Bay are doubling down on our efforts for long term rail transit.

Our fellow South Dade taxpayers have been paying many years in advance for rail, through the half-cent sales tax. Residents clearly voted for rail when they supported the half-penny tax, and rail is what Miami-Dade County should be delivering to South Dade.

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