Saturday, October 13, 2018

Palmetto Bay - 2018 "MVPs" recognized:

It was my honor to recognize the 2018 Palmetto Bay MVPs - special recognition to some of our community members, without whom we would not have been able to achieve the many accomplishments.
  • Father Sullivan of Holy Rosary - St. Richard's Church, who allowed us to use his parking lot for our first "Park & Ride", and to use his hall for community uses
  • Alfredo Mesa, who along with Peter England brought us the idea for our
    "Senior Night" at Marlin's Park
  • Jackeline Prussing is a member of the Community Task Force, and of the "Art in Public Places" committee. She also has shepherded long overdue safeguards for use at Palmetto Bay Park.
  • Richard Lujan, who has worked closely with the Village to procure donated land for our Veteran's Park. Richard is also working to help secure a second "Park & Ride" location.
  • Peter England: He not only graciously brought forth the Senior Night Out event, he is also the chairman of the economic development task force and a member of the Deering foundation
  • Beth Kibler: She has fought doggedly for environmental issues in our community like the protection of the Pine Rockland on Old Cutler road
  • Tony Musto:   When he's not tending to his many duties at the University of Miami, he chaired the Community Center Task Force and kept a steady hand directing the group
  • Erica Watts: She is a past PTA president at Coral Reef elementary, member of our Educational Advisory Committee and social activist, and we are proud that she calls Palmetto Bay home.
  • Greg Zawyer, past Principal with the Miami-Dade County Schools and member of the Educational Advisory Committee
  • Diane Quick, who serves on the Educational Advisory Committee as its chair.
  • Suzanne Dundee Bonner: Suzanne was appointed to the task force by the county to provide input during the process of making a recommendation for the transitway
  • Deena Pezoid who has dedicated herself to the arts and helped launch our "Art in Public Places" committee.
  • Michael Biamonte who is the voice of the Miami Heat and President of the Palmer Trinity School. Michael has worked with me in resolving our issues amicably instead of continuing our fight thru the legal system.
  • Judy Stockholm who is a part of the Age friendly task force and one of our super volunteers, the first to arrive last to leave on projects of both the Palmetto Bay Garden Club and special service projects such as recently held at the American Legion.
  • Ines Mander one of the many stalwarts of the Palmetto Bay Garden Club who has championed garden projects including the butterfly garden at Ludovici Park and numerous diverse music events our manager is working on bringing to Palmetto Bay in the near future.

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