Thursday, December 27, 2018

POD #2 - screen shot of a crime in progress, Can anyone identify?

The photo above was provided by a resident, taken from their home surveillance, through the "Around Palmetto Bay" Facebook forum. I cannot state the exact crime, or case number that it matches up to

Does this photo provide any stimulus to anyone regarding any recent crimes? It is unfortunate that crime happens. We cannot ignore or deflect it, leadership requires accuracy and action. Please click onto the headline to view my 2006 article addressing Crime in our village - Village residents are essential element of crime reduction team, By MAYOR EUGENE P. FLINN, June 2006.

CLICK HERE to view the Palmetto Bay Police Page. There are many resources posted there including the long running "lock it or Lose it"program info, Crime & Incident Reports and Maps, as well as links to Florida Sexual Offenders & Predators (where you might be surprised at some of the listings). This information is there as part of the commitment from our village police to work with our village residents to fight crime here in Palmetto Bay.

You can also follow the links below to find Service Request Forms

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  1. Sadly, Crime Stoppers is missing from the list. In 2018 to date, our tips have resulted in 183 arrests for serious crimes (usually homicides, thefts, assaults, narcotics). Our board has approved over $113,000 in rewards. Our tips this year recovered $604,967 in drugs, cash and property. Crime Stoppers is anonymous. The anonymity offers the community a way to share crime information including video, photos and screen shots to the police through our program without being identified.