Friday, May 11, 2018

Palmetto Bay congratulates Mary Pettit for her distinguished service - retiring from the Deering Estate Foundation

Palmetto Bay congratulates Mary Pettit. The presentation was made at the May 10th Members Cocktail party - as a surprise to Director Pettit.  The Member's Event was yet another great event held at Palmetto Bay's Backyard on the Bay - Miami-Dade County's Deering Estate.  Are you a card carrying member?  I am, you should be too. One of the many perks is admission to the annual Deering Seafood Festival. Enough said on that point alone!
It was my honor to present an official proclamation this week to Mary Pettit who retires from the Deering Estate Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the Palmetto Bay landmark. 
Mary Pettit has served as Executive Director for the Deering Estate Foundation since 2007. Under her leadership, the Foundations’s assets grew from under $50,000 to more than $8 million, and the annual operating budget grew steadily from under $100,000 to nearly $1 million.  The 100 Ladies of Deering were formed, the recruitment and development of staff, and the volunteer Board of Directors are some of Mary Pettit’s greatest achievements along with the relationships that she has developed with the Deering Estate family, including the Village of Palmetto Bay.
Based thereupon: I, Eugene P. Flinn, Jr., Mayor of the Village of Palmetto Bay, together with the Village Council do hereby congratulate and express our heartfelt gratitude to MARY PETTIT for her leadership and dedication to the Deering Estate Foundation for the past 10 years.  We wish her a happy retirement with her family.  I urge all members of the community to join with me in congratulating Mary Pettit on her retirement and recognizing the important contributions she has made to the Deering Estate Foundation and the surrounding communities.

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