Monday, May 7, 2018

A good day for Scooby - lost and reunited in Palmetto Bay - thanks to all who helped

Not all lost dogs situations result in a happy reuniting.  This one ended well.  I want to publicly thank those who assisted. I am posting this as it was yet a second example of "It Takes A Village" here in Palmetto Bay. There is much more to this story than a simply lost and returned dog. We are following up and doing what we can.  Please read on.

It started about noon on Sunday, May 6, 2018 when Code Enforcement officer Alan White found Scooby wandering a gas station off Franjo Road and 180th Street. The dog was very friendly, had a collar, but no tag. Ofc White indicated that the dog was very friendly and was even trying to jump into the truck.  We feared that the dog possibly had been dumped.

After discussions, Ofc White spoke with Carol at Paws 4 You Rescue to provide a safe temporary hold while we attempted to locate the owner – including through my social media.

I posted the photos (also posted here) in an attempt to locate the owner.  I want to thank everyone who followed up on trying to locate the owner. Thank you Sue Erhardt who saw the post and responded with the names for both the pet (Scooby) and pet owner’s (Ann – she will be identified solely by her first name) as well as the contact number.

I contacted Ann to tell her where her dog was. Ann advised that she has no transportation.  She is living apart from her dog due to her residing with a friend in an apartment that does not allow pets. This has required her to temporarily place Scooby with a friend here in Palmetto Bay.

I offered to go to Paws 4 You to pick up her dog and reunite everyone. I picked Scooby up from Paws 4 You, and drove him to pick up Ann, the plan being to return Scooby to his temporary home in Palmetto Bay.  Was Scooby happy to see Ann!  I also assisted Ann by placing the County Tags on Scooby’s collar as well as trying to assist in further securing his accommodations to prevent another wandering.

I want to thank Aubrey of Paws 4 You for taking great care of Scooby while at the kennel (Paws 4 You Rescue has a Kennel for private owners in addition to the Rescue operations). More on Paws 4 You at the bottom of this post.

Ann later told me that she is unable to have Scooby micro chipped at this time.  She is living apart from her dog as she is looking for accommodations that will allow her to remain with Scooby, her longtime companion.  I have referred Ann to our commissioner and they will work to see what can be accomplished for her. 

I would like to see how we can get Scooby micro chipped.  Palmetto Bay has hosted the location for Miami-Dade County’s pet events.  Our Dogs of Summer Event of 2016 included free microchipping – I have not yet received confirmation as to whether this service will be offered in June, 2018 (collars come off, but properly registered microchips last for the life of your furry friend).

Thank you to:
Ofc. Alan White, Code Officer, Palmetto Bay
Everyone who participated in, including forwarding the Social Media search/posting
Sue Erhardt – who advised me of the name of Scooby, Ann and her contact number
Carol Caridad, Paws 4 You Rescue, Inc.
Aubrey (last name – omitted) Paws 4 You Rescue, Inc.
Ann's friends who are providing a place for Scooby this interim place to live.

This is a good time to mention that I am excited to once again partner with our County Commissioner on the 2018 Dogs of Summer event set for Coral Reef Park next month (June 23, 2018, beginning at 10:00 AM). 

Please see my prior post of Saturday, July 16 - 10 am - 2 pm - Dogs Of Summer Training And Adoption Expo! Concerning the event I co-hosted, held jointly with Miami-Dade County Commissioner Levine Cava, Pinecrest, Cutler Bay and Palmetto Bay on Saturday, July 16 from 10 am - 2 pm  for the Dogs Of Summer Training And Adoption Expo!

Once again, don’t miss this pawesome  event and information workshop for you and your pup!

Finally, about Paws 4 You Rescue, Inc:
Paws 4 You Rescue, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit, volunteer, donor-subsidized animal rescue organization based in Miami, Florida.  Our top priority is to save dogs from euthanasia at Miami-Dade Animal Services, where more than 27,000 unwanted pets end up each year.
Rescued animals vary from being sick, injured, homeless and surrendered to simply lost. We give these animals a safe environment at our shelter, professional medical care, hope and lots of love. Our animals are sterilized, vaccinated and ID micro-chipped to prevent future loss.
Some require major surgery from a specialist to repair broken limbs while others may need additional rehabilitation time and specific medical care - ranging from respiratory illnesses and skin infections to cherry eyes and heartworm treatments.  Once Paws 4 You Rescue commits to helping an animal, we seek the best quality treatment available - taking no shortcuts. 
Additionally, we believe in the value of education pertaining to the importance of spaying and neutering.  Pet overpopulation is a serious problem in our county and by sterilizing your pet, you help relieve the strain on Miami-Dade Animal Services and our community.
Paws 4 You Rescue, Inc. is located at:
8480 SW 146th St
Miami, FL 33158
Phone:  (305) 796-1017

Again, thank you to all that help in distributing the social media posts, the identification of Scooby and owner Ann, making Scooby safe and being on the lookout for the benefit of friends, neighbors and pets!.  It really does take a village!

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