Tuesday, May 8, 2018

CITE is working - we are working to make Palmetto Bay traffic safer

We want our children, our seniors, our walkers, joggers and those out walking their pets to be safe from aggressive drivers.  And note, our police advise that Palmetto Bay residents do make up more than 50% of the citations.  I'd rather have our police on the roads, within our village, patrolling rather than down at traffic court.  The CITE program comes out of being responsive to our residents and the complaints concerning aggressive, rude drivers.

Our Police Commander provided an update on the CITE program to date before the Village Council meeting held Monday, May 7.  Village police issued 1,126 Total citations for April, 2018.  Seriously – this confirms the problem. I want to thank David Singer for co-hosting the town hall meetings with me and working together as a team on creation of the "CITE": Comprehensive Improvised Traffic Enforcement Initiative program.  Please do not mistake this program for anything other than what it is: trying to get drivers to slow down, obey traffic control devices – driving safe in and throughout Palmetto Bay.  Note – one stop sign – ONE –a single stop sign generated 170 citations.  Think that indicates a lack of safe driving?

For more information on the CITE program, see my prior post: Palmetto Bay Cracks Down on Speeders and Stop Sign violators - its about safety. "CITE": Comprehensive Improvised Traffic Enforcement Initiative

Please note, the village council approved a request for funding additional traffic notification equipment last night – smart trailers, flashers, and an educational program. 

The April CITE stats below were presented at the May 7, 2018, regular council meeting.

Month of April, 2018 [by comparison, the January stats (pre-CITE) were 527 Citations]
   170  Citations on the one stop sign
   315 CITE details (includes the 170 above)
   811  Routine citations
1,126 Total citations for April, 2018

Thank you, and please drive safe.

Your Mayor,

Eugene Flinn

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