Sunday, October 1, 2017

It's beginning to look more like Palmetto Bay - again - and safer as well!

The hard work over the weekend is beginning to show some major results.  Parents, teachers, administrators, staff and students (their safety is a huge concern for us here in Palmetto Bay) will be greeted with the storm debris having been cleaned from around their schools when classes resume on Tuesday. It will be much more pleasant and safer for area residents living nearby as well as navigating around the schools.  We move on to major streets and problem areas after the schools are made safe. Here is my photo update for Sunday afternoon. Please note that its original posting is at 2:00 PM.  Much more work will be going on throughout Sunday. 

Post update: 5:30 PM Sunday, 10/1/2017 : 46 trips completed by the crews today, Sunday, 10/1/2017.

The debris collection crews have finished the area schools (the items they could reach with the clam shell grabber trucks - until they can 'push out some items with the bobcats - and then pick up).  The teams have moved on to 77th Avenue.  Police are working with the crews. Everyone should begin to see dramatic improvement throughout the village.
Schedule for Monday, 10/2/2017 includes 152, 82nd and 168th areas along with sections of Mangowood Area.

Return to prior post:
Team Palmetto Bay has been hard at work since 2:30 Saturday; removing storm debris at and around Howard Drive, Coral Reef and Perrine Elementary schools as well as Southwood Middle School. 

I will continue updated as new information is available.  Please keep us up to date on your debris concerns through the e-mail.  And, as always, I am available to address your questions or concerns.  My e-mail is or by phone at 305-302-3713

See my prior post of 9/30/2017 - Palmetto Bay Council has approved a contractor to speed up debris collection within Palmetto Bay.  We were serious that we needed to accelerate the debris collection schedule and we have.  We are taking all efforts necessary to protect life and property in Palmetto Bay.
 Above - SW 80th - adjacent to Coral Reef Elementary
 Coral Reef Drive
At and adjacent to Southwood Middle School

The photos speak volumes about the long weekend clean up.  We prioritized collecting debris around the schools - a major area of safety and will be spreading out in even teams - 2 per district (6 total) beginning Monday.  The vendor, Ceres Environmental Services, Inc. has the proper tools for the work and are being monitored by Village staff.  
 Above left - Southwood side done - above right - both sides have now seen their first sweep 162
Above Grapple Trucks unloading at Coral Reef Park - Sun 10/1/2017
Above - left and right - the mountain of debris continues to climb
Photo taken approx 1:30 PM on Sun 10/1/2017

The Saturday, 9/30/2017 Stats:  Per the manager, "we started running 2 trucks with trailers at 2:50 PM to 6:45 PM.  We did a total of 10 trips. Pick up a total of 773.76 cubic yards..." Per Manager Ed Silva: this is the equivalent 32 trucks standard county collection trucks picking up in Palmetto Bay. 

Thank you for your patience.

Your Mayor,

Eugene Flinn

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