Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Here is a company that we will not hire to fix our screen enclosure. Illegal dumping?

I have had it with illegal dumping. I am patiently waiting for our Irma debris pile to be picked up.  We have not added any non-organic material to the pile - it is all plant debris from the storm.  So then, what makes a local business think it is permissible to dump their screen refuse on our pile?
Pictured below is what is left after we pulled it off our pile - we don't want to be passed over for pick up due to a mixed debris pile. We called the number 786-239-8999.  I am waiting for it to be picked up.  That or for the village police to respond.
This business made their failure to properly dispose of their work our problem.  Now I am returning the favor. 

I wonder who in my neighborhood hired this company and if they paid a "disposal fee"?

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