Monday, May 15, 2017

Unified leadership - Mayors Peggy Bell & Eugene Flinn issue a joint statement about collaboration and the need for long term transit solution

Make no mistake about it – we are at a critical point – but everyone should rest assured that Cutler Bay Mayor Peggy Bell and I share the same core values on transit.  We express it in the following joint statement prepared by Mayor Bell that we discussed in our conference held late Friday, May 12:
The Town of Cutler Bay and the Village of Palmetto Bay are dedicated to working together to find solutions to the traffic challenges our residents face daily. We are committed to obtaining Rail Mass Transit for South Dade, which is the most important way to address the explosive growth that continues to occur in South Dade. This growth is not due solely to our two municipalities. Cities south of us and unincorporated Miami Dade County residents must drive through these same streets to get to their destinations.
We understand our residential streets are becoming more congested as we await these county decisions. We are working diligently with Miami Dade Transit to expedite this much needed Mass Transit improvement.
Recently Miami Dade County staff has added the SW 87th Ave. bridge project to the Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) list of potential projects. Understandably, residents who live north of the potential bridge project are concerned about the increase in vehicular traffic. Additionally, many residents who live south of the project are hoping the County gives them this additional north- south corridor that will decrease their commute time.
This project can create tension and discord among our neighboring municipalities.

As Mayors of two prominent municipalities in the South Dade community, sister cities, we both have worked together on issues that mutually affect our residents. We are committed to continue to find solutions together, that will benefit all of our residents. We urge Miami Dade County staff to reevaluate this particular project and provide the appropriate data to substantiate this bridge connection.

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