Friday, May 12, 2017

This is a call to action. Cutler Bay is set to discuss the bridging of 87th Ave. within Palmetto Bay

When are we going to get serious about real mass transit – funding the solutions rather than kicking the can down our residential streets and flood our neighborhoods with more cut through traffic?

I'm very disappointed to report that our sister city stated an intent to discuss the bridging of 87th Ave. at their next town Council meeting which is set for Wednesday, May 17, 2017.  This was discussed at a multi city meeting held on Friday, May 12, 2017.

I need to obtain consensus from the Council, but it is my intention to defer our Committee Of the Whole meeting for that same night, in order to allow all council members to appear before the Cutler Bay Town Council to discuss our unified position.

It is important to note that our staff has reviewed the potential impact and for comparison I offer the following possibilities: that per county numbers, 12, 500 vehicles travel 87th Ave. on a daily workday. It was estimated that 40% of these vehicles would continue to cross the bridge, if constructed, placing over 5,000 vehicles per day into a quiet neighborhood. There is no argument to the contrary that this would have a profound detrimental impact on this community. For comparison sake, our own staff has estimated that these 5,000 vehicles would have the same impact as immediately adding 3,000 occupied units within that same area.

Again, I am disappointed that a sister city may be considering to flush their traffic impact into our neighborhoods. It is my desire that they do not take any action that would force a bridge as this profoundly places at risk our South Dade municipal coalition and well as implementation of rail.

This is another band aid to avoid real solutions; to reduce the number of vehicles driving through our roads. This only encourages single car use: a failed transportation plan. This is treating a symptom, but not the root of the problem: US1, the lack of transit and the over development of South Dade.  While overall transit ridership is down over 8% in the County, the South Dade Busway (renamed as the Transit way) has actually increased by 30%.  Don’t kill the success through enabling single driver personal vehicles.

One of my major concerns is that the more we relieve traffic pressure (through temporary band aids), the less need there is for County to look at realistic and long-term traffic solutions such as light rail. This will also bring down ridership numbers; actually placing more cars on the road. My position remains consistent: that we need to get cars off the road, and not find more routes through neighborhoods to get to workplaces farther north.

I remain available to discuss this any any issue with you. Please email me at

I respectfully request that you attend our special council meeting on Monday, May 15, where we will discuss possible changes to our schedule to accommodate us speaking before the May 17, 2017, Town of Cutler Bay meeting. I strongly urge that those who feel strongly on this issue getting engaged and actually plan on appearing and speaking at these meetings.

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  1. AnonymousMay 12, 2017

    Truly agree, bridging 87 th goes nowhere. I drove to the VPN Office last Wednesday at 730 and it took 30 minutes to travel back to SW 136 st. 30 minutes for 5 miles was to say 87th 82nd and 92nd and 93rd were no better the day before. Expanding turnpike, US1, Bus lanes there is no quick solution.