Saturday, May 13, 2017

A unified Palmetto Bay Village Council - all five - oppose bridging 87th and/or 77th

The link above will take you to the full official Palmetto Bay release of May 8, 2017: Palmetto Bay Village Council Continue to Strongly Oppose Bridging on SW 87 Avenue, Excerpt posted below. 

PALMETTO BAY, FL, MAY 08, 2017 - 
In 2016, the Village Council unanimously passed Resolution 2016-89
strongly opposing bridging on SW 87 Avenue and SW 77 Avenue within the
Palmetto Bay municipal limits. Many residents and the Village Council,
alike, believe that bridging either SW 87 or SW 77 Avenues would
profoundly and negatively impact residents living along those
streets/avenues, significantly diminishing their quality of life. While
the Village of Palmetto Bay remains committed to long-term traffic
infrastructure solutions to alleviate traffic, the bridging of SW 87 and SW 77 Avenues is not an option that the Village is willing to consider.

Residents are encouraged to contact their County Commissioner and the County's Department of Transportation and Public Works  to express their opposition to the proposed bridging of 87 Avenue.

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