Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Update on Coral Reef Park - working with Village officials and representatives from Dynamo Playgrounds on finalizing our Bridget Allison Pier Playground

Photos of the Day - April 4, 2017.  It is a labor of love to do things in our parks - properly paced and to try to get it right the first time.  Village officials and representatives from Dynamo Playgrounds met today to finalize all plans.

The long awaited bronze plaque in memory of Bridget Allison Pier is coming soon to Coral Reef Park! A Council-adopted resolution named the playground after Village resident Bridget Allison Pier. A memorial bench currently sits overlooking the small children play area and the new bronze plaque bearing the new playground name will soon be installed in a newly-identified location.  The Bridget Allison Pier Playground will feature new equipment sure to please kids of all ages.  This equipment includes replacement of the "Apollo" - soon to return to both Palmetto Bay Park as well as Coral Reef Park. 

Personally, I am excited to be working to improve our outstanding Play Area at Coral Reef Park. Our gem, one of our Community gathering places. I am seeking input from everyone in our upcoming park master plan meetings. We are working at improving ALL of our Village Parks, as after all, our initial Village Council worked hard to make Palmetto Bay the "Village of Parks." I look forward to completion of the monument for the soon to be officially designated "Bridget Allison Pier Playground" - this coming May 13 - more information will be forthcoming regarding this event.
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