Friday, April 7, 2017

POD Passing of the Duty Phone - 305-506-7965 - for this weekend. 24/7 communication with Palmetto Bay

Just for fun.  Look who has the Palmetto Bay Duty Phone - 305-506-7965 - for this weekend.  It looks like a political passing of the torch or hot potato (whichever you prefer) as our Village Clerk Missy Arocha takes possession of the Palmetto Bay Duty Phone for this weekend.
One would think she is being handed the US President's nuclear football.

On a serious note - Palmetto Bay has a "Duty Phone" which is used in order to allow residents to reach a member of village staff 24/7 - its our 'after hours hot line' and has been used to report non-emergency events such as Code Compliance, Public Works issues such as debris or storm damage and/or anything relating to Palmetto Bay Parks after hours. I am proud that this phone service was created in my first terms as mayor and continues to this day.

Palmetto Bay - we take our responsibilities seriously.  

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