Friday, April 21, 2017

Update: First set of digitally signed documents uploaded to village website.

Update from the April 20th post regarding Village Clerk Missy Arocha.

Additional evidence of great work by our Village Clerk, Missy Arocha: Our first digitally signed minutes were just uploaded to the Village Website:

Click the link above to view the form and substance of the new minutes.  Documents executed in the same manner as these minutes should be searchable, more easily read, more professional and up to the standards that our residents should expect and deserve.  Note, we are NOT using digital signatures for any financial documents. 

Why is this important?  Transparency and the ability to let your computer search for and find what you are looking for.  Please CLICK HERE to review the archived minutes from the April 2016 Village council meeting.  Compare the quality, the readability - and most importantly, the ability to serve for what you are looking for in the document.  This was not a difficult or expensive change to make.  To the contrary, it is easy and efficient to make this change, long overdue.   

Our #PalmettoBay Village Clerk Missy Arocha is working hard to bring our village up to date in our use of technology in order to increase transparency, increase ease of requesting/obtaining public records and generally improve the efficiency of the Clerk's office. See prior post of April 20, 2017, Village Clerk Missy Arocha is hard at work to update the Palmetto Bay Clerk's Office. 

Once again, congratulations Village Clerk Missy Arocha for your hard work, your drive to improve our village. 

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