Friday, October 28, 2016

Palmetto Bay Elections : A Resident's View - supporting positive candidates in Palmetto Bay

Editor's note:  The following endorsements are those of the group Who have signed their names below. 

Palmetto Bay Elections : A Resident's View

If you share our opinion that, once again, a Palmetto Bay election has been characterized by gutter politics and mud slinging of the worst kind, please read on. We, the undersigned, are attempting to offer some reason and logic to this election. We will not attack any candidate or position, our message is purely a positive one.
For the office of Vice-Mayor, we are recommending Erica Watts. Ms. Watts campaign has been entirely positive, focusing on her accomplishments, and not denigrating her opponents. She has a law degree, but chooses to be a stay at home mom for her son, Hunter in the 5th grade. She has been a community activist in Palmetto Bay, recently concluding her term as President of the Coral Reef Elementary PTA. Erica is running a bare bones campaign, accepting no corporate or developer funding. Her issues are: Traffic Relief, development appropriate to our Village, and the restoration of ethics and respect on the Palmetto Bay Village Council. We support Erica Watts for Vice Mayor.
In District Two, we are recommending the incumbent, Tim Schaffer. Once again we are pleased with the positive campaign he is running, focusing on his achievements, and not his opponents shortcomings. His four year term has allowed him to vote his conscience on a variety of major issues, including: Parks, Mass Transit, and controlled development. We are endorsing Tim Schaffer, for Palmetto Bay Council District 2.
There are 5 referendum questions at the very end of the ballot. We are recommending a 'Yes' for on all, and this is why. The first four questions basically return the Charter to what was adopted in 2002. These issues appropriately call for the return to the Council/Manager form of government which the Village adopted when it incorporated. The Council's role is governance, and the Manager's role is that of the CEO of the Village. Any attempt to change that, undermines the balance between those roles. This was the recommendation by the Citizen's Charter Review Committee, and adopted by Council for the referendum. The final question pertains to a study of the annexation of some 60 acres of land between SW 160th St. and SW 184th St.. This essentially moves the western boundary of Palmetto Bay from the middle of the south bound lanes of US 1, and the middle of the Busway. It is imperative for the redevelopment of Downtown Palmetto Bay to have control of both sides of US 1, for planning and zoning purposes. We are recommending a 'Yes' vote on all 5 questions.
Peter England-30+ year resident of Palmetto Bay; Chairman, Palmetto Bay PartnershipEric Haas- Palmetto Bay resident; CEO Sports Grills; member, Palmetto Bay PartnershipGeorge Hoffman- Palmetto Bay resident; CEO RSI; member, Charter Review CommitteeJose 'Pepe' Ceballos- Palmetto Bay resident; CEO Fast F.A. LogisticsMarvin Dunn-Palmetto Bay resident; retired FIU professor; author; African-American historian 
SOUTH DADE UPDATES - EUGENE FLINN - DISCLAIMER: Please note that this e-mail and its comments, and opinions expressed therein are those of the signators listed above.

I do happen to agree with positive endorsements and rejection of the gutter politics - I like the fact that the high road is being taken here, unlike those personal attacks and sensation misstatements that the current Vice Mayor and Mr. Schaffer's challenger appear to enjoy leveling at me. 

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