Monday, October 3, 2016

Answers to your questions - Checking the Palmetto Bay record - Coral Reef Park Baseball scoreboard - a 5-0 vote

Recently I've had some questions as to how the scoreboard at Coral Reef Park came to be installed.  This is the scoreboard on the field used by joint agreement with the Palmetto High School Boys Baseball Team.  This scoreboard was approved through a unanimous (5-0) vote of all members of the Palmetto Bay Village Council.

See Resolution 2016-18.  The vote was a unanimous 5-0. Discussion on the scoreboard is located on page 10 of the minutes for this February 2016 regular council meeting

I want to be clear - and I want it understood that the scoreboard was installed at Coral Reef Park through unanimous (5-0) vote of the village council after public notice and hearing on this issue.  There were NO objections by any member of the village council on this matter.  You can't change history.  The proceedings are codified through the resolutions and recorded through approved minutes and even on tape.

Park improvements like these don't happen without public action.  You can find action on any village resolution by going to the official Palmetto Bay website and searching for resolutions.  (CLICK HERE to go to the master index online) There is a running index of all action taken by resolution.  Click on it and search for what you are looking for in regards to past action of the village council by Resolution.  Once you get the number - you can pull up the complete resolution (located on the same page, broken down by year).

Note that the global resolution index is presently a 282 page document at time of preparing this blog post and grows with each update.  I can assist you in how to search - just call me at (305) 302-3713 and we can discuss.  

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