Thursday, October 1, 2015

Traffic assessment update - field & recording work - Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Village Officials were back out along assessing village traffic issues on Wednesday, September 30, 2015.  This is a collaborative effort organized by the Village Manager, Ed Silva who is working with Miami-Dade County to address 87th Avenue and its spill out onto the neighborhood streets.  I attended on Wednesday, with Cornice Patterson, our Director of Public Works; Joe Corradino, our Village Traffic Consultant and our incoming Village Police Commander Lt. Serralta.  We went high tech on documenting the ongoing traffic issue with the use of a drone (pictures included below) operated by Hal Feldman.
Sunrise exposes huge volume of cut through traffic on 84

Traffic circle
 The traffic circle is pictured above.  Traffic is presently backing up along 168 street to the intersection at 82nd Avenue, backing up down to and through the circle.  

WAZE may have helped to create the cut through situation - now look

See prior posts regarding traffic (and WAZE), including: Is WAZE adversely impacting our local Palmetto Bay traffic, an individual's gain at expense of entire neighborhoods? Research is ongoing. (9/13/15); and additional online materials:
WAZE - reading update. links to articles regarding Waze and small neighborhoods (9/14/15) 

PLEASE NOTE: This is all part of an ongoing process and this is an interim update on what is happening.  Efforts continue on all fronts through the listed departments in cooperation with Miami-Dade County.  I will continue to keep you advised.

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