Friday, October 16, 2015

Good news. We are officially settled. No longer will the words "Palmer Trinity" be followed by "litigation" in Palmetto Bay

The deal is done - as promised - as worked on. Friday, October 16, 2015. We settled the Palmer Trinity School litigation.

It took compromises – and all sides compromised.  We had to stop the bleeding.  We did.  Now we can move on and have the relationship with PTS as we all want it to be.  Remember – collaboration – partnership.

The "Ts" are crossed. The "Is" are dotted. The ink is now dry.  I am leaving the foolishness to others - I have work to do to continue to make this village a better place. I am looking for a very sound future relationship with this partner. 

When people think of "Palmetto Bay" and "Palmer Trinity", they should know that the "Ps" in both names stand for PARTNERSHIP, rather than "litigation."
Mayor Eugene Flinn, PTS BOD President Michael Biamonte, Manager Ed Silva,
PTS Headmaster Patrick Roberts & Village Attorney Dexter Lehtinen

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