Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Group Photo - Photo of the day - Palmetto Bay's first Youth Advisory Council (YAC)

Meet Palmetto Bay's inaugural Youth Advisory Council.  Their organizational meeting was held on Monday, October 26, 2015. 
I am pleased to have sponsored the creation of this group.  It was an exciting night of firsts.  A chair and secretary wee elected from the group. District 3 council member Larisa Seigel Lara was present at the start, showing her support and wishing them the best of success.

(10/28 update:) CLICK HERE to view the official Palmetto Bay web news regarding this exicting group of youth.

This group will be fully engaged in our village.  We are looking for input. Not since the development of our first Parks Master Plan more than 8 years ago have we asked our youth what they want to see in their Village. It was long overdue. Councilwoman Karyn Cunningham is serving alongside me as Council Liaison to this committee. 

Our new “YAC” will greatly assist in getting teenagers active in our Village – a long-stated priority of Councilwoman Siegel Lara as well as myself and our entire Village Council. This YAC will:
  • Advise the Village as to the quality of life and recreational needs of the youth of our village.
  • Assist in the planning, promotion and implementation of programs and services for youth and teens of the village.
  • Participate in village events such as the village picnic, Earth Week, and sponsored events including, but not limited to Relay for Life, and other events as determined to be appropriate.
  • Foster a greater involvement of youth and teens in municipal governement and community service.

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