Monday, September 7, 2015

Rain hits Palmetto Bay hard. Document and report localized flooding - and please drive safely and with consideration

Heavy rains caused major flooding in many areas of Palmetto Bay. My first photos are document one of the hardest hit homes, resident Ray B, who had water into his garage.  He had to block off his street to prevents the cars traveling down the street, creating wakes that were making his situation even worse.  The photo to the left was taken at 1:43 PM.  The photo to the right (both immediately below) was his street at 2:49 PM.
If you had flooding issues and have photos to share please forward them on so that we can provide them to our Public Works Department to assist in finding drainage solutions in your neighborhood.

Other areas of flooding:
 No one wants to face local flooding, to the point where it actually enters your garage.  Drive carefully and avoid stirring any wake.
And please, the photos that follow document how NOT to drive in areas of urban flooding.  It is dangerous, you can lose control, your breaking ability or simply stall your own car.  It is also rude to those dealing with the high water situation.

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