Sunday, September 13, 2015

Is WAZE adversely impacting our local Palmetto Bay traffic, an individual's gain at expense of entire neighborhoods? Research is ongoing.

The week of September 6 through 12 may have been a short week due to the Labor Day holiday, but it was long on meetings.  Palmetto Bay officials held a regular council meeting, first budget hearing, special council meeting, manager's town hall meeting on traffic, as well as a zoning meeting. Attendance was a huge indicator on local priorities - traffic.  This was a very productive meeting that I opened with Councilman Tim Schaffer, held by our Manager Ed Silva.  We had officials from Miami-Dade County present as well as our Public Works, incoming Village Police Commander and our outsourced Traffic Engineer, Joe Corradino.  
Manager Silva presented some of the options being considered.  Mr. Corradino brought the community up to date on our efforts and his observations.  Many of this work was done in response to specific fact finding efforts that included myself and other members of the village council. 

I had noted some traffic updates on my Twitter feed referencing Palmetto Bay generated from a traffic app WAZE.  Discussion generated quite a buzz and research commenced from neighbors subsequent to that meeting.  I spoke with one neighborhood leader today, Sunday, September 13, 2015. 

I am now sharing some research to try to solicit more input on this issue.

See: L.A.'sLove/Hate Relationship With Waze Continues – The article talks about both the advances to the individual drivers and, more importantly, contrasts the BACKLASH onto the once quiet neighborhood as well as the local elected officials.

Sound familiar?

I am continuing to work with affected residents in all areas of Palmetto Bay.

Questions, comments, suggestions and research can forwarded to me via official e-mail, as well as the entire village council through a single e-mail:  I will keep the entire council up to date on the process and I request that I be copied on any e-mail you forward to a specific council member.

Please stay involved and look forward to/participate in both localized as well as larger town hall meetings  in the future.  This is but an interim update.   

Thank you again for working with me, us, on these important issues.  COMMUNICATION – is one of the reasons why we all live here.

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