Saturday, September 19, 2015

Florida League of Mayors - Visioning session, Board of Directors Meeting

Saturday, September 19, 2015.  I am out of town on village business participating with the Florida League of Mayors, Board of Directors. 

We are working together, sharing ideas and resources. Saturday is a great day for planning.
The Florida League of Mayors (FLM) is the official nonpartisan organization of mayors in the State of Florida. Created in November 2005 during an Orlando meeting of members of the Florida League of Cities, FLM is a comprehensive association for all mayors. The primary goal of FLM is to provide a platform and outreach for a powerful tier of established and emerging leaders to speak out on issues of urgent interest to the citizens in their cities.

CLICK HERE to review the entire press release regarding my participation with the Florida League of Mayors.

It is exciting and humbling to serve with so many other Mayors from across the state.  This is an opportunity for corroboration with other officials across the State of Florida.  This will give rise to fresh ideas that I will be able to share with my fellow Village Council members and staff and will help us continue to move Palmetto Bay in the right direction.

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