Saturday, August 29, 2015

Saturday, 8/29 TS Erika update. The news/forecast is much improved for our area.

Here is the Saturday morning update:
I have now posted the official photograph for the Saturday, 8/29/2015 5 AM advisory for Tropical Storm Erika (soon, hopefully, to become a depression or even a tropical wave).
This information is from the storm track. CLICK HERE to track TS Erika. See Channel 7 report for some coverage of the Palmetto Bay storm groundwork (prior post of Sat 8/29 includes the link to the story and video): Crews inspect Palmetto Bay drains to avoid flooding.

I had the opportunity to participate yesterday, Friday, in the County Mayor’s storm briefing at the County Emergency Operations Center.

The news was good – but continue to prepare. This was part of Federal, State, Regional, County and local agencies coordinating their efforts.

Side meetings/updates were held with the County, as well as our sister cities and the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD). Storms are unpredictable, and most of the time things move in our favor. Erika’s track and strength is looking much better today. Staging/prep work has gone well. AND – as a bonus, TS Erika as both weakened and tracked away from a direct impact on our South Miami-Dade County communities.

Good news, but for the event cancellations. Unfortunately for events, but more important for us all, Palmetto Bay is a community where our team members are cross trained. Parks and other personnel were/are needed for storm preparations.

I recommend that you bookmark the prior post: Online resources to assist any storm preparations - Palmetto Bay, Cutler Bay, Pinecrest & Miami-Dade County.

Please also view the Miami Herald - Even with a weaker Erika, Florida braces for rain, by Jenny Staletovich - where it was reported that:
On Friday, forecasters with the National Hurricane Center said a pass over the Dominican Republic and Haiti could weaken Erika to a tropical depression overnight. The struggling storm could even dissipate into a tropical wave, they said. While they warned the storm could regain strength as it slows over warm waters in the Bahamas, they no longer expect it to make landfall in Florida as a hurricane.
Be prepared for a rain event. Thank you all for your preparations and team work!

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