Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Get to Know Your County Commissioner - Daniella Levine Cava, District 8. Biking #TheBikeDistrict

I was honored to appear on "Get to Know Your Commissioner" with Jeanette Perez with our District 8 Commissioner, Daniella Levine Cava, to discuss bicycling in our community.  CLICK HERE to view some of my past blog posts relating to bicycling/bike commuting.

I look forward to promoting future discussions about realizing "bicycle tourism" for our area (there will be more to follow in later posts).

Bicycling is many things to many people, but it is often described as the 'new golf' in hobby popularity* as well as the main means of transportation for others (just look at how many County buses have bikes on their front bike racks)- biking is green and healthy transportation; competitive and recreational exercise and is just a plain and healthy way to spend time with friends and/or family and view Palmetto Bay and surrounding areas - our Palmetto Bay as well as what is becoming known, under Commissioner Levine Cava's leadership, as "#TheBikeDistrict."

Palmetto Bay is a municipal partner of Miami-Dade County Bike305, and this will continue under my leadership. I will continue to support and work with groups such as the Green Mobility Network. Thank you again for the wonderful bike valets that the volunteers of the Green Mobility Network staff at events too numerous to list fully, but include Palmetto Bay's picnic, Deering Seafood and many events at Fairchild.

Let's all continue to work together and make biking even more accessible, more fun and most of all, safer for all involved. There are many exciting bicycling events and future plans that will be unfolding in the near future (later in 2015 and well into 2016). Keep an eye out.

I am a big supporter of biking.  So look to future posts regarding a great Wheels Events slated for November 11 - 15 as well as discussion of the exciting Underline project - an idea discussed and a route taken in part during our last Miami-Dade County "Bike To Work Day." Oh and yes, and Palmetto Bay will have a "Bike to School" event as part of National Bike Month in 2016.

All because, are you ready for it? ... this is how we roll!

Thank you again commissioner!

* See Business Insider, Feb 20, 2015, "Millionaire entrepreneur explains why cycling — and not golf — is the new sport of choice for young professionals" by Daniel McMahon

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