Tuesday, August 11, 2015

New solar powered/LED road lighting coming to Palmetto Bay soon - very soon

There are some great new ideas being proposed for Palmetto Bay, both in general solar/LED lighting for our traffic circles as well as upcoming safety additions for bicycle use of our roadways.

The lights may appear a bright white, but they are quite green as they are charged using the sun, self contained and are LED efficient lights. New technology fit for our green village.

I am in full support of the efforts of our Village Manager Edward Silva and our Public Works team, lead by Director Corrice Patterson, who are working hard to continue to maintain and actual upgrade our village infrastructure.
Additional solar powered, LED lighting may be coming soon!
Budgeting is key and we need to ensure that our village budget is lean and controls 'leakage' - allowing us to make investments/improvements without adding to our tax burden.
I hope I am not giving too much away with this photo
 There are many new projects on the market that will allow improvements without large retrofitting or ongoing operational costs. I am working to make sure our village manager and directors have the tools they need to maintain and improve our quality of life here in Palmetto Bay.
Some of the new products being reviewed and may be tested soon.
Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

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