Saturday, December 28, 2013

What is the plan? Request sent to current mayor and council regarding the Palmetto Bay Village Attorney search.

I sent a request to the current mayor and members of the Palmetto Bay council seeking answers on how they will proceed on selecting the next village attorney.  Their answers will be posted on Tuesday, December 31.
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Sent: Friday, December 27, 2013 4:50 PM
Subject: Request for comments on the village attorney search

Dear Mayor and Council (emailed separately to each)

I have received many inquiries regarding the candidates for village attorney.  I also have questions myself, so rather than speculate, I am addressing the following specific questions to you. 

The applicants have put in their bids for Village Attorney, the bids were publicly opened and I assume that the bids have been disseminated to all of you, so you all are now able to communicate with the public regarding the Village Attorney search.
Note that these questions go to the process.  I am specifically asking you NOT to address your choice or specifics of any candidate at this time.  You obviously need the time to carefully assess and consider all the fine applicants.

This is an official request for a response to questions posted below.  I ask that you limit your Reponses to a total of 250 words. Your responses will be made available on my blog at  

1.       The Miami Herald reported on December 24th (Six law firms apply for Palmetto Bay village attorney) that:
Last time the job was put out to bid, a selection committee comprised of staff and two outside attorneys ranked the three firms that had applied based on experience and references. The ranking was then given to the council for consideration. This time, however, there will not be a selection committee, and the firms will not be ranked before the council votes to fill the position.

Question: What is the process you intend to move forward to make the final decision?

A.      Do you intend to simply discuss and vote on the candidates or will there be a citizen’s or council subcommittee created to review and narrow the list? If so, how do you intend to solicit and choose the members?
B.      Do you intend to seek written public comment on the applicants? If so, will these comments be shared with any or all of the candidates prior to any public debate on the applicants?  If so, will there be a public announcement soliciting comments?
C.      Will there be a public hearing where people can come forward to comment on any of the applicants?  If so, how will notice to be public be given?

2.       Will the specifics of any final contract for services be discussed or determined before selection or will that be negotiated after the finalist is chosen?  Who do you intend to do the final negotiation on the final contract for the new village attorney?

3.       What specific criteria are you, as a sitting member of the village council, applying in reaching your decision on who should be our next village attorney? This answer could obviously be very lengthy, so feel free to simply list bullet points, rather than lengthy narrative, if so required.

4.       Have you given consideration as to the term of the contract? If so, have you also given consideration as to whether it will automatically end and go out to bid or simply have a review process?

5.       Is there anything else you would like to add in a response to the public (keeping within the 250 word limit).

I do intend to post the responses (or indicate that an inquiry was made, but that you declined to respond) on my blog. What you send will be what I post.

Please provide your responses no later than 7 AM this coming Tuesday morning, December 31, 2013.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and kind response. I look forward to hearing from you.

Eugene Flinn

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