Friday, December 27, 2013

Palmetto Bay Updates: Six law firms apply for Palmetto Bay village attorney -

Six law firms apply for Palmetto Bay village attorney - Palmetto Bay -

The Miami Herald has updated its coverage on the Village Attorney process. 

The Herald reports that the (l)ast time the job was put out to bid, a selection committee comprised of staff and two outside attorneys ranked the three firms that had applied based on experience and references. The ranking was then given to the council for consideration.

This time, however, there will not be a selection committee, and the firms will not be ranked before the council votes to fill the position. 

South Dade Matters (SDM) has also stepped forward commentary on the attorney selection issue (PB: Lawyers Galore – Danger Lurks). SDM provides its own listing of the council’s new options with some commentary noting: SDM Says: Mayor Stanczyk and her colleagues will be facing a tough set of choices. We suggest you take some time and spend some money on a thorough background check of each candidate, including a careful search of relevant news items and personnel files (municipal human resource files are public records subject to review). You should also make sure the principal will be sitting in the chair and not a firm associate. Don’t leap before you look.

This is good advice.  As the Village's founding mayor, I selected our first Village Attorney, a firm that lasted more than a ten (10) years.  Stability is important. For those who want to do their own due diligence, I previously posted links to websites for all the applicants on Dec 21 update: Website links for the Palmetto Bay Village Attorney Candidates

Finally, the Miami Herald reports that the Village Council has not yet set a date for when to vote on a permanent attorney. Just what is the timeline? I am not sure it is fair to John Herin Jr. of Gray Robinson to hold his future in doubt, nor is it fair to allow him to become the comfortable choice in the face of the other well-qualified candidates.

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