Saturday, December 21, 2013

Update: Website links for the Palmetto Bay Village Attorney Candidates

Anyone interested in looking to see who has applied to be our next village attorney? I have posted website links for the village attorney candidates for anyone interested in viewing the qualifications of the candidates.  Click on the candidate name below to be redirected to their respective web pages. 

Quentin E. Morgan (Brinkley Morgan)
Gray Robinson, P.A. (Currently serving as Interim)
Lydecker Diaz
Alvarez and Barbara, LLP
Dexter W. Lehtinen
John C. Dellagloria, P.A.

Click on the "Village Attorney" label to follow the entire series thread on this ongoing search.

NOTE TO CANDIDATES: I would be more than happy to replace any of the links posted above at request of any of the applicants.  I found these links off the internet and the applicants may have preferred links for me to post.  I posted to specific individuals where it is clear these will be the assigned counselor, otherwise the homepage to the overall firm has been used. 

Special note: More than one of these candidates actually learned of the village attorney search from this blog and/or the Miami Herald article, Palmetto Bay trying again to find a village attorney, Dec 3, 2013. Thank you Miami Herald for getting the word out to so many candidates.

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