Tuesday, April 16, 2013

No texting while driving bill passes Fla Senate 36 - 0 on April 16, 2013.

Good news for pedestrians, bicyclists and other drivers.  Fla Senate passes CS/CS/CS/SB 52: Use of Wireless Communications Devices While Driving, today, 04/16/2013, 36 - 0.
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The bills make texting while driving a secondary offense. That means police have to first stop drivers for an offense like an illegal turn.
CLICK HERE to view the Fla Senate bill tracking for SB 52.
Note that the House side of the Florida Legislature must pass a conformed bill.  HB 13 is currently pending through the Florida House of Representatives. 
Groups such as the Green Mobility Network are watching and advocating for good bills to help make Miami-Dade County a safer and more enjoyable place to bicycle, run, and walk.
CLICK HERE to view a past Palmetto Bay e-currents (Oct. 2009) explaining past efforts from the original Palmetto Bay council on making our roadways safer for everyone, especially our students. Safe streets have been important from the very first Palmetto Bay council.  This is an effort that requires continued vigilance and work to see an idea pass, not just paying lip service.
Update - Miami Herald article posted on Breaking News: Texting-while-driving-ban sails through the Senate, by Rochelle Koff.  Includes The texting problem, Detert said, has become an “epidemic” with 11 teenagers dying every day in the country due to texting. Florida is one of five states without any type of texting ban.

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