Friday, April 12, 2013

Finally, you can give your input of the long awaited 136/Howard Drive/Old Cutler Traffic circle project this Wednesday April 17 at the Committee of the Whole (COW) meeting

I announced it back on February 20, 2013, see: A traffic circle for 136 and Old Cutler? Palmetto Bay should get on board. Surrounding Palmetto Bay residents should be engaged

Finally, now it is time for you to weigh in on this project with the current council (and push our present elected officials to get more involved).  Come to the Wednesday, April 17, 7:00 PM, Committee of the Whole (COW) meeting at Village Hall.  This is an exciting multi-governmental project and one that everyone in Palmetto Bay needs to be aware of and understand the profound and long-term implications.  Click here, or the headline above to view the complete prior post, which includes links to the Pinecrest resolution in support of the project (passed by the Pinecrest Village Council on January 15, 2013) as well as the January 9 Pinecrest Manager report.

This is a long over-due project, one that was first discussed by the original Palmetto Bay council and was part of traffic planning since I and the original Palmetto Bay council fought off the County's attempt to four-lane 87th Avenue in Palmetto Bay. It is time for this council to make a decision: are they going to participate with Pinecrest and Miami-Dade, and work to bring some traffic calming improvements to our sections of Old Cutler or will this project die from lack of input, participation and/or interest or even be rejected?

There has not been a significant public works project in Palmetto Bay under this current Mayor and council. Projects have generally been limited to the ongoing street repaving/maintenance and drainage maintenance/installation/improvement programs that were set up by the original council back in 2003. It appears that Pinecrest and the County have worked together to move this traffic circle project forward since 2010.

CLICK HERE to see first notice from Palmetto Bay Public Works – posted on the official village website.  It appears that the current Mayor and council were never involved in the negotiations of the interlocal agreement pending on this project. The current interlocal agreement is for Miami-Dade County to provide the construction design through its Public Works and Waste Management Department circle while Palmetto Bay and Pinecrest will assume responsibility for the installation and maintenance of the circle. Public input was never requested in Palmetto Bay on the assignment of responsibilities or financial contributions.  Regardless, you need to get involved whether you want this project to go forward or not.
The County is designing the project. I am sure that they will design a top notch functional circle, but wouldn't it be a great opportunity for we, the residents of Palmetto Bay, took some design responsibility in order to be guaranteed input on how this project will look; that the circle be uniquely Palmetto Bay and function as another impressive gateway into Palmetto Bay?  This is what happens when your present leaders do not show up and participate. Input after the fact is much less effective than when you take a seat at the table early on.

CLICK HERE to view the Pinecrest materials regarding this traffic circle project.

Get involved. Stay involved. Remember, this is OUR village.  Let’s continue to work together to make Palmetto Bay a great place to raise our families.


  1. Why has nothing been put out there until now?

  2. Traffic circles work. We need this one. Support this project.