Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Are we due for a political "quick kick" in Tallahassee on diverting tax dollars for stadium funding?

Elaine De Valle of Political Cortadito has a sinking sensation that the Tallahassee legislation for the Dolphins is not dead, but that in fact, there’s another political bait and switch in the works and we all may be hit with a surprise by the end of session next week. 

Read on: Sinking feeling on stadium scam as game clock ticks | Political Cortadito. Read what is being represented and what is not being disclosed in the present absentee vote campaign for the May referendum.   

Cutler Bay Mayor Edward “Mac” MacDougall is ready. He’s already put quite a bit of coin into the operation, hiring a campaign strategist and interviewing phone bankers. He told Ladra Monday that he was ready to go, ready to invest more, ready to hire people and put them in his insurance office building near South Dixie Highway and ready to get the ball rolling. But he doesn’t want to do it alone.

Want more information?  Then please do not forget about the town hall meeting today in Cutler Bay to discuss this issue.  See South Dade Updates:  “Town Hall” Meeting About Funding For Sun Life Stadium - Wed.April 24, at 4:00 PM, in Cutler Bay for full information. All area residents are invited.  This will be a valuable local meeting regarding the potential spending of taxes: a “Town Hall” Meeting About Funding For Sun Life Stadium. 

Hey, I hate to mix issues, but wouldn’t it be nice to see tax dollars be used for public good, like transportation? Maybe once we could use this type of “flexible tax dollars” that 'do not cost property tax payers a dime' (the uses of taxes such as 'bed taxes' are designated by the Florida Legislature) in place of more toll roads. Help Joe and Jane lunch bucket who are getting road taxed out of their wages in commuting daily to work rather than helping billionaires make their next billion in private assets.  There is a real economic impact - allowing people to actually get to work without having to turn over all their income to pay for public infrastructure. Heck, no highways, no routes to stadiums. 

 It is merely a matter of priority (not the people) and another example of the golden rule.

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