Monday, February 11, 2013

Miami-Dade County Legislative Delegation sets legislative priorities for 2013 session

The Miami-Dade County Legislative Delegation (the delegation is made up of the State Representatives and State Senators who represent Miami-Dade County) met in Tallahassee last week to set legislative and appropriations priorities for the 2013 session. 

This means that it would have been good legislative practice to make your legislative priorities known to your representatives prior to this meeting. 

The group met and priority items were set in a consensus process wherein only items that were unanimously agreed upon by all members present were included in this year’s list of critical items.  Note that the Dolphin’s Stadium upgrade funding was NOT one such item.  See the Miami Herald online, 2/7/13: Miami-Dade lawmakers mum on stadium tax deal for Dolphins, reporting that The Miami-Dade delegation of lawmakers finalized a list of 2013 priorities that is conspicuously silent on the controversial Dolphins stadium deal

What are the stated priorities? This year’s priorities involve (in no particular order) Citizen Property Insurance, affordable housing, funding for foster care, autism, and vision care through the Miami Lighthouse for the Blind. Items from last year that were retained were funding for Jackson Hospital, the FIU Medical School, and Farm Share.

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