Thursday, February 7, 2013

Is your continued ability to own your home at risk? TALLAHASSEE: Citizens Insurance reform plan could cost property owners more money - Florida -

TALLAHASSEE: Citizens Insurance reform plan could cost property owners more money - Florida -
Click the link and read the Miami Herald.  Property insurance reform (or lack of) will have a huge impact on home ownership for you and your neighbors. Even if you have paid off your mortgage and would be fully comfortable sweating out storm season, you still have risk of fire, theft and incidents. Holding yourself responsible for your own losses is not always a solid financial plan.

What happens in Tallahassee will profoundly impact our homeowner's insurance rates. The purpose of going to Tallahassee is not to party; it is to work the issues. The results have not been good for the locals over the last two years.  It is easy to cry "lean years" but there are serious policy issues going on in Tallahassee.  Property insurance is merely one of many issues. 

This is not the time for some vague statements. You have to be forceful, direct and demonstrate that you have a keen understanding of the issues as well as the support from those your claim you speak for.  Please click on the label "Legislative Agenda" to view the other articles with suggestions and guidance I have offered.  Take my word for it Mayor Stanczyk, there are no community activists or homeowners speaking up on behalf of higher rates, so we need to know that you truly understand the issues and what your plan is other than merely making the general policy statements (taken from the Palmetto Bay 2/4/2013 regular council meeting agenda): 

#3 "Supporting the legislation to maintain the present cap on the increase of new and renewed Citizens Property Insurance Corporation's premium"; and
#9, "Urging adoption of legislation to require Statewide property insurers to insure all home and/or business owners f the insurer is also providing automobile coverage within the State."

That is all well and good, we all can agree on these very general statements, after all, it is motherhood and apple pie; but you will get run over in Tallahassee if you cannot demonstrate more than a superficial recognition of the issues.   Be prepared. I hope our residents will not have to rely upon a coalition of others to achieve our protection.

Working the issues important to home affordability.

Palmetto Bay once really worked the issues, not just passing a resolution once described by an elected official as paper stating general intention.  Home affordability is a major issue for areas such as Pinecrest, Palmetto Bay and Cutler Bay.  A statement is nice, but this is a call to action.  For prior action, see Palmetto Bay tries to tackle the 'gorilla' of insurance, posted online, re-posting the original article by then Herald reporter Kathleen Fordyce of Nov 17, 2006.  Or Officials Plan to push for storm insurance reform, by then Herald reporter Yudy Pineiro, detailing how Councilman Ed Feller, with the backing of State Rep. Julio Robaina, worked the state Legislature to consider windstorm insurance reform in its 2006 session. 

Words alone are ineffective.  We know the lukewarm desires of Mayor Stanczyk and council, but we need a real plan and grass roots efforts both locally and in Tallahassee.

Success on this issue requires hard work, not just lip service then claiming victory when the heavy lifting is completed by others.

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