Friday, November 16, 2012

Third Annual Palmetto Bay Canal Association Holiday Boat Parade set for Saturday December 15

Get ready for the third Annual Palmetto Bay Canal Association Holiday Boat Parade* on Saturday December 15. This is a fun family event privately organized by the Palmetto Bay Canal Association. The group is again collecting canned food along with local eatery “Hole in the Wall Pub.” There will also be an after parade party at the Hole in the Wall Pub. 

This is a wonderful community event that brings participants, friends and neighbors together in the holiday spirit, raises food for a good cause, and is supported both by members of the residential community as well as a local business.

The parade route will start Coral Reef Park and idle through the village. The boat parade will start about 15 minutes after Sunset.

I have received numerous e-mails this year asking if I had an advance on the information.  Apparently this event adds tot he Holiday parties for those who are fortunate to live on the canals. SO here is the date and I look forward to the commencement of the holiday season in South Dade! 

Look for the parade friends and neighbors if you are on or near the C100 canal boat parade route.  E-mail me at and I will put you in touch with the Palmetto Bay Canal Association organizers for more information.

The Palmetto Bay Canal Association is made up of Palmetto Bay (and Pinecrest) residents that are both users and stewards of our local canal system. The group includes pleasure boaters, fishermen, skiers, canoers and kayakers. 

*This event is NOT affiliated with the Village of Palmetto Bay, though the organizers were required to pull and pay for a special events permit this year. 


  1. We have our lawn chairs and drink ready Gene. Bring it on!

  2. Let's all hope that the Palmetto Bay fun police do not reach out and rain on this parade.

  3. PERMIT REQUIRED??? Is Palmetto Bay hurting that bad for revenue? What service are they providing in exchange for the cost of the Permit? This is another reason to vote out Brian Pariser. Palmetto Bay officials just can't can leave anything alone and feel the need to tax everything that goes on in this village.

  4. The permit is a minor thing - and will not cost anything. Since we start at Coral Reef after dark (and the gates close at dusk), there was a slight issue last year. The Parks and Rec Director has been great in working with us. We just need to keep the gates open a little longer.

    This parade is what the community should be - a bunch of friends getting together and decorating their boats while raising canned food for needy causes. Additionally, this year we will be supporting a newly opened local restaurant (Hole in the Wall Tavern on Eureka) with an after party.

    Hope to see everybody!

    Rainer Schael
    Parade Organizer

  5. We are having a party that night and will be out on the bank. We live close to the end of the parade. Looking forward to it! And agree with the comment about the community. Great event and the new hole in the wall is awseome too!