Monday, December 5, 2011

2011 Palmetto Bay Canal Association Holiday Boat Parade

Get ready for the 2nd Annual Palmetto Bay Canal Association Holiday Boat Parade on Saturday December 10th. This is a fun family event privately organized by the Palmetto Bay Canal Association. The group is adding a canned food drive to the festivities for this year.

The parade route will start at northeast Palmetto Bay (either Coral Reef Park or the Farmer Road Lake) and idle through the village to southwest PB. The boat parade starts about 6:00 PM.

Look for the parade friends and neighbors if you are on or near the C100 canal boat parade route.  E-mail me at and I will put you in touch with the Palmetto Bay Canal Association organizers for more information.

The Palmetto Bay Canal Association is made up of Palmetto Bay (and Pinecrest) residents that are both users and stewards of our local canal system. The group includes pleasure boaters, fishermen, skiers, Canoers and Kayakers.


  1. Cool event. Where do I sign up?

  2. Is participation open to anyone who lives in Palmetto Bay?

  3. The group is inclusive, not exclusive. I suggest that you e-mail Rainer Schael.

    His e-mail is

  4. Gene - Thanks for your support. We gathered over 150 cans in support of The Village of Palmetto Bay's food drive.

    Most importantly, we had over 50 families on the canal banks to wave and wish Happy Holidays to. This truly is a wonderful COMMUNITY Event.