Saturday, December 17, 2011

Time to wake up and get serious with our decisions. We can see out future slipping (or moving out) before our eyes

Where are the comprehensive plans that will pull our area out of its downturn?

Job creation? Paving the way for more donut shops, mattress stores and liquor stores is not the answer.  

The problems are clearly identified, but are the elected leaders really working to resolve them?   Read the Miami Herald article By Deborah Acosta The Miami Herald (12/13/2011) (click the headline to view):

While local and state government officials cut ribbons on new Walmarts that bring in low paying or part time service job, you have to ask the question as to whether there is a long term plan actually create competitive, high paying jobs.  Jobs that will keep our locals here and able them to afford buying local homes and supporting our local businesses.

State University System of Florida chancellor Frank T. Brogan addressed to the Forum Club of the Palm Beaches Monday December 12.  His message?  As the Palm Beach Post headline called out: Brogan: It's time to revamp Fla. university system (By Kevin D. Thompson, Palm Beach Post Staff Writer)

The Chancellor was quoted as stating that "In a rapidly changing economy, Florida must reinvent its university system by placing a greater emphasis on graduating students in science, technology, engineering and math"

Chancellor Brogan was further quoted as observing: "It's easy to give lip service," he said. "It's another thing to plan and budget for and create public policy that will turn that vision into a reality."

I agree, but issue this challenge: Sound bite or head fake? It is great talk, but will the legislature fund it?

We are talking more than our own children.  Those of you who think you are done educating yours and have no interest in this issue should consider who will be able to afford to support those business upon which you have bet your finances on or will there be anyone left in South Florida with income sufficient to buy out your nest egg, your home, when its time to sell.

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