Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thalatta Estate: Should a free park paid for by Florida Residents become an expensive exclusive party venue for those who can afford it?

I recent spoke out, raising concerns regarding Thalatta Estate: A plan that needs more consideration. {Published in the Palmetto Bay News (Nov 14 -18 edition) and is currently posted in the online edition (CLICK HERE or the headline).]

It is clear to me that now is not the time to spend down the raining day savings of the village as current Mayor Shelley Stanczyk and vice Mayor Brian Pariser are rushing headlong into doing.  It is wrong for current elected officials to spend more than they receive in revenue, and pass that debt, or lack of reserves onto future councils and the taxpayers.  It is one thing to spend on a much needed project of value to the general community, but financial alarms and whistles should be going off around this present village council and if not, the general taxpaying community should become concerned when this council wants to spend millions of our tax dollars without either a professionally developed business plan and clear transparent disclosure of what the intentions, expectations and back up plans are for our money. 

Another community blog has taken a look at this issue and offers its own perspectives.  Check out South Dade Matters.  The post regarding Thalatta observes that “Most people are busy with their lives such that paying attention to the Village of Palmetto Bay government is a luxury. Village property owners and residents want to rely upon the elected officials to provide leadership and sound judgment.” 

“The problem is that many of the kind folks elected to govern the Village are inexperienced at making management decisions for a multi-million dollar enterprise.”

SDM raises the concern that “Stanczyk is so convinced Thalatta will become wedding party central that she is willing to bet the financial solvency of the Village on her gut instinct. Stanczyk is so convinced Thalatta will become wedding party central that she is willing to bet the financial solvency of the Village on her gut instinct.” 

Several examples are given by SDM of government good intentions that went south and asks the question; “When will elected officials stop playing investment banker with tax dollars?”


  1. OMG No way. Does anyone on the village council have any common sense? Stop it. Keep our bay view open and free.

  2. Shelley Stanczyk is the same person who ruined Palmetto Bay's farmer's market. Pinecrest and Cutler Bay both have sucessful events. Palmetto Bay is the only one not to have an event and it is all due to the failures of Ms. Stanczyk.

    She cannot be trusted with a project like this especially where it involves so much of our money.

  3. Gene,

    Please keep us informed on this boondoggle. We miss you.


  4. Mayor,

    This is a public park. There should be no charge for use by Palmetto Bay residents.

    When will this park be open more hours? It is barely accessible now.

    Fank & Rebecca