Sunday, April 8, 2012

Thalatta enjoyed on Easter Sunday. If you open it, they will come.

No, Thalatta was not being used as a paid private event today, but part of an open no-charge Sunday family day where the park saw many walkers, bikers and those who just pulled in after seeing the gates open.  Many people enjoyed a little bay side time in Palmetto Bay. I spoke to some who were at the park on Sunday, April 8, 2012.  Some asked and indicated that they would like to speak up further to express frustration that they do not have better hours to enjoy one of the few locations where you can reach the Bay.  Remember, this park was purchased through the grants generously provided by the Florida Communities Trust, South Florida Water Management District, Land and Water Conservation Fund, Florida Division of Historical Resources, Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond Program, Florida Recreational Development Assistance Program, with special thanks to the Land for Public Trust.  You the residents, put a stop to ongoing plans of the current Mayor to repurpose this park for a private for hire facility.

Thank you council member Howard Tendrich and those who stood with me at the Monday, April 2nd Council meeting to fight for a public park. 


The park looks great for the Thalatta Site visit from a representative of the Florida Communities Trust (FCT) this week beginning April 10 -12.  I am confident that the Village Council has regained focus of their commitments as well as the requirements of the covenants and that the FCT will be able to move on without issue.  The residents are now well aware and on guard.

Note that the ‘infamous’ “Closed for Private Event” 'A frame' sign was covered over with the current park hours.  Again, this council can do better than the current hours of operation — 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Monday-Tuesday; 3 p.m.-7 p.m. Wednesday-Thursday; 9 a.m.-7 p.m. Sunday and closed on Friday and Saturday and, ugh, during for hire private events.  

I do have to ask whether the village elected officials have spent the weekend sanitizing the web.  I could not access the Thalatta section of the website,I went to the official Village web site, click on the parks page, but when I click on "Thalatta park" under parks, under "online resources", all I got was this following error message: "Access denied You are not authorized to access this page."  Good thing I don't take things personally.  Thankfully I can still reach the You Tube video that advertises: "View images of the Village of Palmetto Bay's premier wedding and event facility in this slide show that aired on Grand Opening Day, Feb. 13, 2011. Contact the Village's Program & Events Coordinator Mary Fernandez for rental information, rates, and availability at 305-234-6383."

Don't forget how Mrs. Shelley Stanczyk once pointed out that Palmetto Bay won Miami New Times, Best of Award, Best Wedding Venue - 2011 - Thalatta Estate

As noted in the award: What was a private residence for most of the past century was snapped up by the Village of Palmetto Bay when the property went up for sale in 2005. It cost a third of the city's budget. After spending a year renovating the Mediterranean-revival home and grounds, Palmetto Bay opened the estate this past February, and now the park is ready to take its place among South Florida's best venues to tie the knot. Thalatta Estate's four acres stretch from Old Cutler Road to Biscayne Bay and afford breathtaking views of the water. There is a plethora of photo-op locations for wedding parties: a reflecting pool, a gazebo, the home itself. Village officials — expecting that bridezillas will flock to the spot — created a second-floor bridal suite (so she can keep an eye on the groom) and added a prep kitchen for catering companies. The estate is picturesque, boasts all the amenities needed for a wedding, and is much more affordable than Vizcaya and the Deering Estate. Rates range from $155 for a weekday waterside site to $3,500 for use of the entire property on Saturdays. But our favorite feature has to be the old boat ramp. It is an ideal spot for newlyweds to hop onto a wooden Chris Craft and sail away to marital bliss — or a good place to stash a Jet Ski for a quick escape if there's a last-minute change of heart. 

Florida Keys Weddings by the knot.  (Florida Keys Weddings dot com) Thalatta is listed even as far south as the Florida Keys on a commercial wedding promotion site. 

Last, but not least, the Thalatta site may be temporarily down on the official Palmetto Bay page, but I am sure you can still view after all, Thalatta Estate is "Where Dreams Begin ..." (apparently not trademarked), view the slides, "Imagine Your Perfect Day", "Timeless Elegance","Where Old world Charm and Elegance Come together" Palmetto Bay, which asks (those who can afford) to come celebrate their love (for a price).

Don't forget the web site "Shoot Miami" and its mention of Palmetto Bay's Thalatta Estate - "Grand Opening Celebration of the Thalatta Estate Park, Palmetto Bay’s premiere rental facility for banquets, weddings, and private functions."

The last question I have is whether the FCT will accept this bricked meandering path as a bicycle path in the spirit of the commitment  to the Florida Recreational Development Assistance Program (FRDAP)


  1. My wife and I enjoyed a wonderful stroll in Thalatta Park today! It's a real shame that we do not have the option to do so any other day since it is closed during "real" park hours. KEEP THE PARK OPEN DAILY FROM SUNRISE TO SUNSET!!!

  2. Will there be a public meeting where we can speak to the representative of the Florida Grants trust?