Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Palmetto Bay scraps plans for proposed building on Thalatta Estate - Palmetto Bay - MiamiHerald.com

Do Mayor Shelley Stanczyk and Vice Mayor Brian Pariser even listen to the comments before they 'rebuke'?  Where does Shelley Stanczyk come up with some of her responses:

“We talked about putting the ‘Bay’ back in Palmetto Bay,” Flinn told the council on Monday. “You all know darn well if a private company came in there it would be voted down 0-5, but because government wants to do that you think it will be easier on the neighbors. You’d better get ready to write a check back.”

The point was that Mayor Shelley Stanczyk and Vice Mayor Brian Pariser wanted to allow government to operate a business, because they wanted to, and that a private individual would be voted down if that private enterprise wanted to operate the same type of business at that same location.  

So then, why did my "...comment drew sharp rebukes from Mayor Shelley Stanczyk and Vice Mayor Brian Pariser."?

“We will not be on the hook to return money,” Stanczyk said. “The comments about having a private company come in and run the park is reckless and would be in violation of the documents we agreed to.”
But Patrick Fiore said Flinn made a valid point.

Actually, Mayor Shelley Stanczyk and Vice Mayor Brian Pariser, you are both very wrong.  Failure to operate within a condition of the grant is grounds for recall of the grant money.  

The sad part is that none of the proposing council members sought permission from any of the granting agencies before moving forward with this ill-advised plan, placing nearly $4 million in grants at risk. This ill-conceived cart was put well before the horse.

See the argument for yourself.  CLICK HERE to view the official streaming video reporting the Monday, April 2nd Council meeting.  The Thalatta agenda item 10. B. starts at 1:32:23.  The speakers from the public starts at 1:41:00 and my comments start at 1:51:22.  The comments with the Vice Mayor start at 2:55:57
ead more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/04/03/v-fullstory/2729698/palmetto-bay-scraps-plans-for.html#storylink=cpy


  1. Good work Gene. You and all the speakers are to be commended for standing up for the Old Cutler neighbors in preventing this public nuisance. We were worried about the increased traffic and noise. This could have been our personal Palmer. The speakers who fought so hard also saved all of us from reckless spending. Just let me know when I can help you in the future.


  2. Don't let the mayor and vice mayor get to you. A common tactic of scoundrel politicians is to misrepresent a speaker's argument so they can respond how they want to, to avoid a direct response. This is a well known liar's tactic and demonstrates desperation on their part. Another distinct possibility is that you had them too rattled to hear and comprehend correctly. I watched the proceedings on cable. You were quite passionate and obviously care about the park. You should just take a deep breath and don't let them bother you. You buried them on on the facts. And at the end of the day, the truth and strength of the arguments won out. Congratulations.

  3. Thank you.

  4. Good work. Score this as a win for both the taxpayers and environmentalists.