Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Palmetto Bay ready for the Thalatta site visit today.

Consensus is that Palmetto Bay appears ready for the visit from the Florida Communities Trust (FCT) scheduled for today. 
The stated purpose of this visit is that the state will be assessing the progress made in the implementation of the management plan and the development of the (Thalatta) site. 

Here is a list of the issues and facilities that the State (FCT) “…will be paying close attention to during this site visit:”
1.  Whether the required FCT acknowledgement sign has been installed;
2.  Quality of the management of the natural communities – specifically the status of invasive exotic plant removal;
3.  The status of the infrastructure development – are at least some of the recreational facilities constructed – such as trails, benches and picnic shelters (depending on what was committed in the management plan); and
4.  An update on the time line for construction of the remaining structures and facilities. 
Feel free to let me know if anyone sees an appreciation party for the FCT held tonight at the Thalatta Estate.  If so, will it be an open to the public event or limited to an invitation only event put on by the current Mayor.
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  1. Any updates on how the visit went?