Thursday, March 15, 2012

A text book example of bad leadership

The prior posting Tuesday, March 13, 2012, Why are Mayor ShelleyStanczyk and Vice Mayor Brian Pariser anti-economic development? Has generated significant interest and response telephonically, by e-mail and even anonymous blog posts to this article.  This action of denial by Shelley Stanczyk and Vice Mayor Brian Pariser is a text book example of bad leadership and here is why:

The denial was no mistake. Mayor Stancyzk knows the details of the resolution as sources reveal that Mayor Stancyzk was a participating member of the EDC board of directors and participated in the discussion of the strategic plan and the FIU proposal.  I have learned that the Mayor and Vice Mayor are apparently now trying to double back and rewrite the history of the resolution.  As one anonymous poster indicated: “Voting against a resolution that merely expressed support for creation of a plan is akin to voting against motherhood, apple pie and the US Flag.”  I have no clue as to why this issue may need to be discussed at an upcoming committee of the whole meeting (COW) other than to try to rewrite history and try to make it appear that more information was needed.  Was this the case, the Mayor and Vice Mayor could have simply tabled the resolution and brought it to a COW.  There is precedent for this type of action – it is actually quite common, but instead, it was denied 3- 2 with only the sponsor council member Tendrich and council member Patrick Fiore voting in favor. 

The issue of the denial is more troubling as this same source advised that Mayor Stancyzk should also be able to explain EDC vision of desired municipality involvement since she volunteered to be on the EDC’s Economic Development Arm for South Miami-Dade County and Municipalities committee.  This committee is chaired by Cutler Bay Mayor MacDougall.  The responsibility for this committee is fostering support from the municipalities within the EDC’s service area.  The proposed resolution, sponsored by Councilman Howard Tendrich, was the stated mission of the EDC Economic Development Arm for South Miami-Dade County and Municipalities committee upon which she volunteered to participate. Mayor Stancyzk needs to either honor her commitments or get off the EDC and turn official participation over to someone else on the council who understands commitment and who does support economic development. 

This selfish and ill-advised action can cause rifts between inter-municipal cooperation.  We need leaders to work together to accomplished goals for the public good, not spite on another at our expense.  This is very troubling indeed and a full explanation and accounting is required


  1. It must be so much fun for you to watch the junk dealer destroy all you built.

  2. Lwt's get this straight. Mayor Stancyzk is the Palmetto Bay representative to the EDC yet leads the votes to deny the resolution of support to work with the EDC to create a strategic economic plan. You are right, that is a textbook example of bad leadership. She needs to resign from that EDC board right now. Shame on her.

    You need to read Grant Miller's latest column on Thalatta. She has jst appointed herself leader of "Friends of Thalatta." I would expect that she will work to create plans and then vote them down on the council. This based upon her lack of character and committment to the organizations she serves as well as her proven actions with the EDC.

    Isn't it a conflict of interest for Mayor Stancyzk to sit on a board that will make recommendations to the same government that she chairs and votes?

  3. Mayor Stancyzk has proven that she is in way over her head.

  4. Hope she doesn't talk to herself about the two organizations business --- that would be a sunshine violation ;0p