Saturday, March 31, 2012

Earth Hour 2012

Earth Hour - Miami - (worldwide)  Saturday, March 30, 2012, beginning at 8:30 PM

Miami protects coastal homes and businesses from sea level rise

Cities hugging Florida’s coasts are extremely vulnerable in to rising sea levels—a threat which contaminates drinking water with salt, elevates storm surges, accelerates beach erosion and threatens coastal infrastructure. According to a Tufts University study, sea-level rise by 2060 may inundate 4,700 square miles of Florida, an area including 70% of Miami-Dade County and encompassing residential real-estate valued at $130 billion.

In 2006, Miami-Dade County formed a task force to understand how projected sea level rise would impact the county and its residents. As a result, the county developed detailed maps to help city officials collect information about locations and critical infrastructure that are at greatest risk of inundation from sea level rise.

Based on these findings, Miami prioritized and accelerated restoration or retrofitting efforts for protection of key coastal structures. The county has begun work on existing canals to increase resiliency against rising sea levels. They have identified roadways vulnerable to sea level rise and are working on modifications necessary to avoid flooded homes and highways.

New climate preparedness zoning, building codes, and permit process modifications all take sea level rise impacts into account, while outreach and education programs are being implemented to inform citizens about the risks climate change poses to their communities and how they can individually prepare

Is anyone doing anything tonight in South Dade for Earth Hour?.

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